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For over 40 years, D. Jensen & Associates have been a providing broad range of expert skills and innovative services to museums, cultural centers, educational institutions and expositions to meet their unique exhibit needs. We work with our clients through every phase of their projects from concept to development, construction and installation. Our goal is to help them to produce memorable presentations that involve, inform and inspire visitors from around the world.

We approach our work with a set of principles, shown below. We have found that this approach is appreciated by our clients and we have had received a lot of positive feedback.


Institutions with expanding needs and restricted financial resources require exhibits that can change cost-effectively. Our design approach is to build in as much flexibility as possible, providing clients with the ability to tell many different stories over time with the same basic exhibit and graphic components.

“The modular display cases have been great in our new A-Z of Britannia display. The flexibility of this system allowed us to design cases to best fit our space and resulted in our gallery being even more beautiful than we had hoped.”

Scott Kerr, Programme & Exhibit Coordinator, Britannia Mine Museum


We believe that the most impactful exhibit designs are those that tell their stories, simply, clearly and directly. We’ve found that by creating layers of carefully researched information, exhibits can be content rich and still be easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing.

“…one of the most evocative and professional pavilions at the fair…. It was simple yet moving and effective at what it was designed to do – relay the message that the NWT is a part of Canada, yet a completely different and fascinating world.”

Peter McMartin, Vancouver Sun, May 14, 1986


We believe that exhibits should be honest reflections of the thoughts and feelings of real people. Some exhibits present information in an academic way that does not resonate with visitors, others seem like lectures expounding the ‘truth’. These exhibits seem hollow because there are many different ‘truths’ to be considered depending on the visitor’s point of view. We feel it is important to present diverse, authentic, human perspectives and allow visitors to considers which works best for them.

“You and your colleagues have been very generous to the center. Additionally, your professionalism has resulted in our exhibits genuinely telling our stories. Thank you for your steadfastness to authenticity. Your treatments are accurate while celebrating our diversity. 

The Heritage Center is a first-class facility offering Natives and non-Natives alike an opportunity to better understand each other and share in the rich traditions of Alaska’s Eskimo, Aleut and Indian people. Thank you for helping us to make this long-term dream a reality”.

Roy M. Huhndorf, Chairman The Alaska Native Heritage Center


Effective teamwork begins with a plan, a strong understanding of the importance of working together and of the responsibilities of each of the team members. D. Jensen & Associates believes that all key players from the client to the designers to the suppliers all contribute their special expertise to develop a whole that is far greater than its parts.

 “As Pavilion Deputy Commissioner, I was responsible for the overall management of the design and construction process. D. Jensen & Associates readily accepted new ideas and the result of design critiques, and in fact welcomed active client participation throughout the design process. Further, they were able to establish an excellent rapport with various interested groups throughout the north, which was fundamental to the selection of storylines and design concepts …”

Alan Vaughan, Assistant Deputy Minister, Tourism and Parks


Whatever the subject matter of an exhibit or the theme of a museum, we start by focusing on how to stimulate interest and inspire the imagination of site visitors. To achieve this goal, we emphasize the more ‘human’ aspect of the material we are presenting. We have found that this ‘people’ emphasis helps the viewer relate better to the material on view.

“David has proven a sincere willingness to learn about and listen to our community, and his loyalty to our project is impressive. Above all, David and his team have always approached our community and unique needs with great respect.”

Nika Collison, Associate Curator, Haida Heritage Centre at Kay Llnagaay


We strive to make connections between different peoples, cultures and environments. This integration of diverse perspectives, disciplines and experiences enables us to present relevant and thought-provoking information.

“My greatest praise for David lies in his ability to support and encourage the committee. He ensured that the early opening exhibition meetings provided a venue for the exploration of ideas and aspirations of each of the representatives at the table then facilitated the development of a shared vision for the opening exhibition.”

Kris Foulds, Collections Manager, The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford


Economy is an important consideration for us when designing exhibitions and we take great pride in creating exhibit presentations that are impressive but also economical. Today’s ecological concerns, diminishing resources, and common sense, all suggest we try to find more effective, less expensive, less wasteful ways of doing things.

“Best Pavilion with the Lowest Budget: Northwest Territories, with its thoughtful and funny tribute to the people of the North.”

The Province, September 28, 1986

Hands-On Interactivity

To be engaging, an exhibit needs to invite audience participation. We have planned and designed many hands-on interactive exhibits. These often involve using high-tech A/V techniques as well as low-tech mechanical presentations. Both techniques have advantages, the key is knowing what you want to communicate before deciding on a way to present it.

“The Visitor Centre is spectacular, we are proud of the interior and exterior exhibit designs, the audio-visual components, hands-on exhibits, the innovative and interactive exhibits that create an environment of discovery, and the impressive 30-seat theatre.”

Anne Morin, Yukon Field Unit Superintendent, Parks Canada

Entertaining Exhibits

Making sure exhibits are fun and entertaining as well as informative is, of course, one of the keys to creating a successful presentation. Our exhibits are designed to engage audiences of all ages without compromising the exhibit’s educational content. Heightening audience enjoyment not only makes the entire exhibit experience more pleasurable, it also makes the information it provides more memorable.

“The River Valley Exhibits are a truly immersive experience. The landscape imagery is absolutely stunning. Visitors will be once again be amazed with the transformation of the spaces and the educational experience at the Helen Schuler Nature Centre.” 

Coreen Putman, co-ordinator, Helen Schuler Nature Centre
Quote from an article in the Prairie Post, February 2, 2016

Management Organization and Project Delivery

Jensen & Associates Ltd. has developed effective management techniques for successful project delivery. Success is not only creating an effective and informative presentation but also ensuring that all schedules and budgets are well maintained. Using critical path methodology, the project schedule and costs are monitored monthly to bring the project in on time and on budget

“I have the highest regard for David and his team for their enthusiasm, innovative thinking, dedication and their determination to do what is necessary to satisfy the client while remaining faithful to their high professional standards. They are very conscious of working within budgets and completing their assignments on schedule. In my opinion, they have found the right balance between artistic expression and cost effective delivery.”

Bob Hand, Former CEO, Squamish L’íl’wat Cultural Centre