Alaska Native Heritage Center

Created by and for the five major Native groups of Alaska, the Alaska Native Heritage Center is a place where Native people can gather to visit, learn, celebrate, exchange ideas and, through exhibits, help others to understand and appreciate their cultures. Using a flexible exhibit system, the exhibit hall is divided into five areas. Each area contains an introduction to a given culture, a work area, and a cultural gallery where each culture can tell its own story through images, objects, art, and video. The intent is to change these stories over time, so that new stories are constantly being explored and developed for the Center.

The project succeeded because of the high level of trust and collaboration between all the key players.


  • Masterplan, Key Messages document, budget, and scheduling
  • Coordination
  • Exhibit design and modeling to explore design options
  • Design and production of graphics and supervision of fabrication
  • Commissioning artwork and photography
  • Artifact acquisition
  • Supervising construction and installation