Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

The museum represents the natural and human history of the Northwest Territories. D. Jensen & Associates was asked to work with the director and museum staff to develop content and exhibits for the orientation space and two main galleries, one gallery addressing the human and natural history of the South and the other of the North. The approach developed creates semi-permanent photo landscape dioramas built around an open space in the centre of the galleries. The dioramas highlight natural history themes and feature 5 distinct regions with animals from each region. These environments serve as impressive backdrops to the changing content of the other exhibits. The open space receives temporary ‘island exhibits’ telling stories of people; individuals, families, groups and communities, past and present.

“Throughout the various stages of the project, David Jensen and his staff have been responsive to and respectful of our needs, and have brought a high degree of innovation, creativity and professionalism to the project.”

Charles D. Arnold, former Director, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre


  • Working with staff to develop the content for both galleries
  • Constructing a working model for client revision and approach
  • Producing working drawings for millwork constructions
  • Working with local photographer to obtain high definition images required to create photo dioramas
  • Preparing photo enlargement specifications
  • Oversize millwork and photomural production