Squamish L’íl’wat Cultural Centre

This Centre celebrates the cultures of the Squamish Nation and L’íl’wat Nation. DJA worked closely with architects, consultants and representatives from both Nations to develop the exhibit concept, stories and exhibit text. DJA also assisted in choosing images, artifacts, and objects that best represented these cultures. These exhibits include large constructions, many large weavings and carvings from both Nations, interactive A/V presentations, two large A/V shows (one featuring First Nations’ values and the other focusing on First Nations’ activities and gatherings). The main gallery was used both as an exhibit space as well as a revenue generating rental space. With that in mind, DJA worked with other consultants and engineers to design a winch system that would allow exhibits elements (including canoes) to be raised up out of the way to clear the floor for banquets and conventions.


  • Exhibit design and modeling to explore design options
  • Content development/coordination
  • Image acquisition
  • Working with local photographers to obtain high resolution images for the background murals
  • Design and production of graphics and supervision of fabrication
  • Supervising construction and installation