Stave Falls Powerhouse Exhibit Centre

DJA and Commonwealth Historic Resource Management collaborated to produce a ‘Planning and Design Study Redevelopment’ report for BC Hydro. This report made recommendations as to the fate of the soon to be decommissioned powerplant at Stave Falls. In 1998, BC Hydro decided to transform the old powerplant into an interpretive centre presenting the story of electricity.

DJA and Commonwealth continued to collaborate to produce the History Hall portion of the exhibit, working together to present the stories of the people who worked at the plant as well as the history of the plant itself. Much of the original architectural and mechanical electrical systems within the exhibit halls were left untouched, adding to the authenticity of the visitor experience.


  • Assisting in the redevelopment report and preparation of a concept document
  • All exhibit design, design development, drafting and coordination required to construct and install exhibits
  • Providing a maintenance manual for historic exhibitry
  • Assisting in the coordination of restoration and cleaning for approximately 100 artifacts