The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford

The concept for this Centre was to create a very flexible space in which to present Abbotsford’s art, culture and history. It was important that an emphasis be put on people, programming, demonstrations and activities. The Centre was intended to give the people of Abbotsford a place to get together, share ideas, enjoy cultural/creative activities and gain insights into Abbotsford’s past, as well as experience and participate in the creation of contemporary art. The themes for this inaugural exhibit include ‘People of the River’ (water, lakes and floods), ‘People of the Valley’ (multiculturalism) and ‘People of the Land’ (industry). Artists from Abbotsford were commissioned to create artwork to complement these themes and enhance the exhibit experience.

“My greatest praise for David lies in his ability to support and encourage the committee. He ensured that the early opening exhibition meetings provided a venue for the exploration of ideas and aspirations of each of the representatives at the table then facilitated the development of a shared vision for the opening exhibition.”

Kris Foulds, Collections Manager, The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford


  • Assisting with Feasibility Study
  • Facilitating meetings with committees and community to develop concept and content
  • Content development/coordination
  • Exhibit design and modeling to explore design options
  • Image acquisition
  • Design and production of graphics and supervision of fabrication
  • Supervising construction and installation

The final exhibit design included two modular exhibit systems that were designed to create low and high walls, as well as exhibit cases. Both systems can be assembled quickly and when disassembled, fold flat requiring minimum storage.